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How to make an international phone call from USA to Italy:

Dial the Access Number + Your Calling Card's PIN + 011 + Country Code (39) + City Code + Local Phone Number

Italy Calling Code: 39

Dialing Codes of Italy Cities:
Bari 80 Bergamo 35 Bologna 51 Brindisi 831 Cagliari 70 Capri 81 Catania 95 Como 31 Florence 55 Genoa 10 Messina 90 Milan 2 Modena 59 Naples 81 Padova 49 Palermo 91 Pantelleria 923 Perugia 75 Pescara 85 Pisa 50 Pompei 81 Portofino 185 Reggio Clabria 965 Rome 6 Sorrento 81 Sondrio 342 Taranto 99 Triesto 40 Turin 11 Vatican City 6 Venice 41 Verona 45 Vicenza 444

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Time Zone:

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