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How to make an international phone call from USA to Germany:

Dial the Access Number + Your Calling Card's PIN + 011 + Country Code (49) + City Code + Local Phone Number

Germany Calling Code: 49

Dialing Codes of Germany Cities:
Achim 241 Augsberg 821 Baden-Baden 7221 Bayreuth 921 Berlin 30 Bonn 228 Bremen 421 Bremerhaven 471 Cologne (Koln) 221 Dortmund 231 Dresden 351 Dussledorf 211 Essen 201 Frankfurt 69 Friedrichshafen 7541 Hamburg 40 Hanover 511 Heidelberg 6221 Hof 9281 Karlsruhe 721 Kassel 561 Kiel 431 Koblenz 261 Leipzig 341 Magdeburg 391 Muenster 6071 Munich 89 Nurnberg 911 Oberhausen 208 Pforzheim 7231 Solingen 212 Stuttgart 711 Trier 651 Wiesbaden 611 Wuerzburg 931

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