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Orangeburg, SC, USA

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [more]

Best USA Calling Cards with No Connection Fee

Jupiter phone card
Super Charge calling card
USA long distance calling card
Rounding: 1 min
Pinless Dialing: Yes
Rechargeable: Yes
Maintenance Fee: None
Expires if no refill for 6 months

Rounding: 3 min
Pinless Dialing: Yes
Rechargeable: Yes
Maintenance Fee: 59 ¢/2 weeks
Expires if no refill for 6 months

Rounding: 3 min
Pinless Dialing: Yes
Rechargeable: Yes
Maintenance Fee: 69 ¢/week
Expiration: 1 year after last use




Most Popular Phone Card Destinations from the U.S.

Australia Australia Calling Cards 0.9 ¢ Jamaica Jamaica Calling Cards 5.0 ¢ Russia Russia Calling Card 1.7 ¢
Canada Canada Calling Cards 0.4 ¢ Japan Japan Calling Card 1.5 ¢ Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Calling Card 7.2 ¢
China China Calling Cards 1.0 ¢ Mexico Mexico Calling Cards 0.7 ¢ South Africa South Africa Calling Card 1.8 ¢
Germany Germany Calling Cards 0.7 ¢ Nigeria Nigeria Calling Card 5.5 ¢ United Kingdom UK Calling Card 0.3 ¢
India India Calling Cards 1.4 ¢ Philippines Philippines Calling Cards 8.3 ¢ Ukraine Ukraine Calling Card 4.0 ¢

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